About Us

Who we are:

Gen 3 Homes, llc is a Colorado builder of fine quality homes with a commitment to homeowner satisfaction through excellent home design, state of the art construction techniques, energy efficiency, and a seven-year limited warranty. The Gen 3 Homes Krughoff family includes three generations and 70 years of homebuilding experience having built over 4000 homes.  Gen 3 Homes are secure, comfortable, and investments that homeowners are proud to call home for many years.

How we build:

We build very functional and desirable floor plans that allow for comfortable living with more light, ease of movement, and efficient use of space.  Krughoff utilizes modern construction techniques with a green focus so your home will incorporate materials made with less natural resources, provide a reduced carbon footprint with a stable temperature environment and offer improved air quality through state of the art heating, cooling, and fresh air circulation. Your home’s materials will perform with durability and quiet enjoyment for years without the need for early replacement (85%  non-toxic, recycled paper cellulose insulation lifetime limited warranty, siding and roofing 30 year limited warranties).  Not stopping there, your home will help in reducing consumption of our limited water supplies with water reducing fixtures. All this backed by a third party warranty administration company.

About Roy Krughoff:

In addition to a vast amount of homebuilding experience and knowledge, Roy Krughoff has served as president of a 500 member building association, community bank board of directors member, Colorado licensed builder, past president of numerous HOAs, CU graduate, past partner of two other currently successful building companies along the front range, and married for 35 years with three sons.  The family is focusing its building efforts along the front-range where they have lived for over 25 years.